Common Asphalt Repair Issues


We rely on asphalt for our roads, but it's by no means perfect.  The sun and the snow can both give your asphalt a good beating, eventually causing cracks.  While some cracks are benign, others can be symptomatic of a larger issue or develop into something worse.

Plants & Trees

Weather isn't the only thing that can destroy your asphalt.  The roots of your favorite tree might be slumbering beneath your pavement, just waiting for the perfect moment to break through.  Once this happens, it looks like a disaster and it can be.  But if you have the tree removed by a tree removal service, this will make your annoying problem a thing of the past.  


Potholes are a common problem in asphalt, especially on driveways.  If left unfixed they can worsen and make driving difficult, or fill the area with water that attracts pests.  You can fix the pothole yourself, but this requires a great deal of skill to make sure it dries evenly.  If the pothole isn't patched completely smoothly, it can become a safety hazard, so if it's your first time, it might be best to call someone to come fix it for you.


Depressions are gradual indents in the asphalt that vary in size and fill with water after a storm, causing messes and attracting pests.  If the depression is relatively mild, you can probably fill it with a thin layer of asphalt patch, but if it's pretty severe, you may have to have the asphalt removed and replaced.


Rutting is the result of heavy traffic on asphalt, leaving behind indentations where tires have run over the area. Like depressions and potholes, if not severe, rutting can be covered with asphalt patching materials. However, ruts could be symptomatic of a larger problem, like moisture or weak asphalt.  It is also possible that the asphalt was not applied thickly enough.  If you cover your ruts only for them to appear again, you should call a professional and look into the deeper issue.  


Grass growing through pavement is a problem as old as time.  To treat this problem, clean all cracks that have grass growing through them.  To be extra sure you've gotten rid of the grass you can use heat to burn out the crack.  After that, you fill the cracks with asphalt patch.  

Damaged asphalt isn't just unsightly; it can also be unsafe and unsightly. Don't let these common problems go unresolved; contact an asphalt maintenance team like City Wide Services in your area.


29 August 2017

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